Tandem Bicycles Hubs

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  1. 297.4g Tandem Bicycles Hubs

    297.4g Tandem Bicycles Hubs are the central point of cycle tyres and utilizes a special ring drive mechanism for quick force generation. They are ideal for high pressure tires and possess excellent holding power on the axle. For those riders who require extra stiffness, these hubs are the premium choice. They are designed in such a manner so that they can also protect gear from impact, dirt, and water. These assemblies also maintain the desired amount of tension while wheeling.
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  2. 160.6 G Tandem Bicycles Hubs

    160.6 G Tandem Bicycles Hubs are fabricated using rich grade aluminum metal to assure their high corrosion resistance. Used as a central assembly of cycle wheels, they are screwed to friction shift lever controlled drum of the brake. These hubs have symmetric dishless design and are lightweight in nature. They are ideal for those high pressure tyres that require higher spoke count. These hubs can withstand doubled torque created by tandem.
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